The ERPAI support provides Server, workstation and network IT helpdesk services to customers of all dimensions.

We, in 2012, have a well established helpdesk team with highly qualified staff who will assist you on issues on the very first call, help you minimize loss and retain productivity. Service level agreements tailored to your specific needs will include a clear escalation process leading to the mobilization of IT engineer when required. Our remote systems are well shielded and extensively accepted. These management tools will be used by our expertise to bring back the intended control in your system. While performing tasks that take over your security control, we make sure to get acknowledged by you before going any bit further.

Any step taken in providing helpdesk services to your firm, we make sure to be ethical and handle everything with integrity.

Here are the services we provide:

Server Management

To help your servers run with more efficiency and keep your business on the beam with current technological specializations, we have a powerhouse of professionals who can manage the daily operations of these servers. These experts give you yields that help in the growth of servers’ adaptability and improved data protection.

Storage Management

We understand the cost involved to run your mission critical application and thus value the data generated from these applications. We provide security controls, policies, and procedures examined, measured, and validated against a stringent set of information security standards. To manage and understand the huge, explosive data growth through means of simple yet scalable technologies, we provide you storage services so you can unify storage with your overall IT management for lower cost of ownership.

Network Management

Despite diversity in working environments and service providers, we promise to provide aid and end-to-end network services and ensure you will have secure local and remote services.

Here are following network services offerings:

  • LAN, WAN & WLAN management
  • Unified communications
  • Contact center management
  • Network operations management

Security Management

We have a rigid team of expert professionals who help your organization at every level and focus on visibility and the organization’s management services. We help in identifying major threats and weaknesses, outlining and creating customized security policies, articulating business goals which will balance strategic and enterprise needs. After proper record of these, we give you the best possible solution that allows you to take back control.


Virtualization lets a company work on the needs and to allocate resources dynamically to an operating system or an application. This helps any organization to handle cost of transporting and transferring IT resources because the company turns out having unused resources of underused capacities. Being one of the prime ITHD services at ERPAI, we have a team of experts who help the company move to a virtualized environment.

This includes

  • Analyzing a client's current IT infrastructure
  • Designing the transformation to a virtualized environment
  • Providing the new virtualized environment.