RFI, RFP, RFQ Services

Why are these services important for any procurement?

RFI (Request For Information) is very essential for any buyer to understand and estimate the capabilities and efficiencies of vendors and also for the vendors to understand that the buyers are really looking for. It is similar to a broadcasting request for seeking information and data.

RFP (Request For Proposal) is a little more in detail specifications of pricing, customizations (if any), and solutions.

If the vendor and the buyer are in good terms on the grounds of problem and solution, then a quotation (RFQ – Request For Quotation) is all that is necessary.

Hence, for any buyer or vendor, processing on these three is really important.

Since March 2009, we, at ERPAI, provide our client(s) stress-free, easy RFP processes with optimistic results. We have a handling team that can write, edits and design with advantages of being smart, distinct and competitive at the same time. We specialize in,

  • We manage with highly professional teams from start-to delivery and give your firm proposals of great quality to benefit your organization.
  • We help you gather information about potentials in competition, and quote fair and competitive prices.
  • We help you be more beneficial and less expensive than remote, in-house efforts.
  • We promise to provide you an edge over basic submissions.
  • We make sure of meticulousness.
  • The proposals we provide you with are amendable and high standards.